Branding is the Effect-Not the Cause


Brand is dead. Brand is alive. Brand is, as never before, design.

There’s now a widespread belief that talking about brand in the conventional sense slows everything down, and that all those brand strategies, brand models, brand onions and brand guidelines just get in the way.

It has been suggested that the old ‘positioning + visual identity’ formula no longer helps. If you’re trying to kick-start growth, or digitise your business, or reach the next generation of customers (and talent), why waste time exploring your positioning, or tweaking your logo?

Increasingly, we’re finding that it’s better to think of brand not as cause, but as effect. Obsessing about your brand won’t somehow cause growth to happen. But doing the right things will create growth, and a strong brand will follow as the effect.

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These ideas were taken from a thought provoking article by  Karl Heiselman CEO at Wolff Olins