Adventure Cruising in the Caribbean


The ultimate adventure cruising in the Caribbean check out Thunderbird Cruises. Founder and owner Ray Thackeray has now found it possible to expand his sea faring expertise into luxury cruises in the Caribbean. What a reward after years of real grafting, determined to make a life-long dream come true!

Join the humanitarian windjammer charter on Thunderbird 5 (97′ gaff-rigged ketch) from Florida through Haiti and down the Caribbean to Trinidad. Click here for more information on the Caribbean Cruise of a Lifetime.

International Rescue Group (IRG) provides support and disaster response to coastal and island communities – by sea. IRG was one of my first clients and since it was founded in 2008 I have designed and produced a selection of promotional and marketing material to support the cause.

IRG is now operational with two vessels in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico fleet. We make 1,500 gallons of drinking water per day and carry medical supplies which can support a town of 6,000 people PER BOAT – making IRG one of the top 100 humanitarian aid agencies in the world.