Thunderbird2 Launched!

T2 bowInternational Rescue Group’s first rescue vessel Thunderbird 2 has now been launched! Owner Ray Thackeray survived a week of hell when the owner of Nelson’s Marine shipyard in Alameda, California where Thunderbird 2 was still being built threatened to close at a moment’s notice. With only a few days notice of eviction, volunteers and friends worked day and night to help Ray get Thunderbird 2 seaworthy and out of the shipyard before the sherif locked the gates for good.

It wasn’t just Thunderbird2 affected, but well over 200 other boats occupying space in the shipyard. Owners had to be located and alerted to rescue their boat from the Nelson’s shipyard soon to be closed down. Another challenge was been dealing with scavengers who hovered like vultures in hopes of taking scrap metal or boat parts from the all-but-abandoned site.

Successful launch achieved in the end, and now plans are being made to sail Thunderbird 2 in the 20th Baja Ha-Ha and then point south to supply and join Thunderbird 1 at our North Americas Pacific station base in Zihuatanejo.